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Industry and Motivational Talks: Racial Capital  // Why White Men should Care about Anti-Racism // What we can learn from the Way Germany atoned for the Holocaust

Research Talks: The African Origins of Democracy // How to Save our Democracy and Planet


Voting could be the problem with democracy

Around the globe, citizens of many democracies are worried that their government are not doing what the people want...read more ​​

If Germany atoned for the Holocaust, the US can pay reparations for slavery

The idea of paying reparations for slavery is gaining momentum in the United States, despite being long derided as an unrealistic plan, to compensate for state violence committed by and against people long dead...read more

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The idea that we, as citizens, can lay back and elect others to do “politics” for us is dead. It has lead to massive abuse, media manipulation, and elitism. We all expect more from democracy and we all deserve an equal chance to win in competitive markets.